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KK’s Priest

KK’s Priest

You can’t keep a heavy metal legend down. Although it’s been over a dozen years since guitarist and songwriter K.K. Downing departed Judas Priest, the iconic band he co-founded and played with for 40 years, he was never really going to retire. It was only a matter of time before he reclaimed the spotlight. As his new album title proclaims, The Sinner Rides Again.

Downing’s recent prolific output comes after years of quietly enjoying life away from the rigors of the road and intense studio recording. He emerged again unexpectedly on stage in August 2019. His former bandmates had been given the Heavy Metal Hall Of Fame award at the Wacken Open Air festival that summer, and HMHOF board member Steve Goldby wanted to give the guitarist his award at Bloodstock. From there, the conversation led to the iconic six-stringer performing a few songs with Ross The Boss. The performance electrified the crowd and reinvigorated Downing.

In November of that year, Downing put on a show in Wolverhampton, UK with former Judas Priest singer Tim “Ripper” Owens, former drummer Les Binks, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, and Hostile guitarist A.J. Mills. (He had produced two albums for the latter’s band.) Spanning Judas Priest’s catalog, this superb and successful show sent shockwaves throughout the metal world: K.K. was back and the fans were clearly hungry for more.

Rather than simply rely on his past successes and go on the road performing classic Judas Priest songs, the renowned guitarist did what he has always done – make new music. Downing assembled Owens, Mills, Newton, and Elg to create Sermons Of The Sinner, an album that celebrated their classic metal roots and encouraged us to cherish those iconic pioneers whom we still have with us. Downing jokes that KK’s Priest is “like a new old band. Or an old new band.”

It’s clear that Downing’s disciples want more from KK’s Priest. The tracks from Sermons of The Sinner have racked up millions of streams, and The Sinner Rides Again will replicate that success. He is united with his fellow defenders of the faith in keeping the timeless spirit of classic metal alive.

For Downing, KK’s Priest is not just a statement of intent. It is a statement of being. His lifelong heavy metal saga continues.



Thu, September 5, 2024 / 7:45 PM
Doors at 7:45 PM
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