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Drowning Pool

If it seems like the guys in Drowning Pool have a chip on their shoulders, they’re entitled. Actually, we’re all a little entitled lately, which Is what makes Strike A Nerve the most rewarding album of a career spanning 20-plus years, seven studio releases, a platinum album, two gold records, and one of the most recognized rock anthems of the new millennium.

Drowning Pool have long been hailed as champions of blue-collar hard rock and metal, not just because of their consistently incendiary live shows and vastly underrated catalog, but because of the trials and tribulations that have marked their career. They aren’t unique in that regard. What they are is resilient, their everyman, working-class ethos and stubborn perseverance creating a bond few bands ever realize.

Nearly a quarter-century after starting together as a trio, founding guitarist CJ Pierce, drummer Mike Luce and bassist Stevie Benton remain together. They haven’t separated, so they can’t play the reunion card. And at the helm of the band for the past decade, Jasen Moreno is not only Drowning Pool’s longest tenured frontman, he’s also the band’s first singer to record three studio albums. As anyone that has seen the band in recent years can attest, there is magic when the four guys share a stage.


A little danger makes rock music memorable.

The edges cut deep and hit just as hard as any hook does, leaving a mark forever. Tapping into the spirit of rebelliousness, OTHERWISE embrace those edges on their fourth full-length and debut for Mascot Label Group, Defy. The Las Vegas quartet push the boundaries of their signature style in terms of both songcraft and sonic experimentation alike.

Most importantly, the boys hold nothing back…

“Rock ‘n’ roll was always meant to be dangerous,” Adrian proclaims. “We grew up in the last era where nineties bands were Soul Rebels. They stood for something. They didn’t conform. Since the greatest risks yield the greatest return, why play it safe? We decided to swing for the fucking fences this time. In between the last album and now, we changed everything. I had two sons, and it took their births for me to go, ‘Fuck it, we’ve got to shoot for the goddamned stars’.”

Kurt Deimer

In a world that seems to spiral further and further out of control every day, Kurt Deimer is just trying to create order in the chaos. To call him a Renaissance man would be a bit melodramatic, but in the few short years since – armed with an inability to take no for an answer, a drive to constantly improve his craft, and an insatiable desire to network and keep expanding his rolodex – Kurt Deimer has filmed a feature length movie aimed to launch his ‘Hellbilly Hollow’ horror franchise, recorded more than two dozen songs with legendary producer Chris Lord-Alge (whose credits include Green Day, Joe Cocker, James Brown and the Rolling Stones), and is co-managed by Andy Gould (former manager of Rob Zombie and Guns N Roses). For Deimer, the inspiration is to make the world a better place one song at a time, singing about the ills of the 21st century and offering solutions instead of excuses. Promising change instead of cataclysm. And delivering hope instead of hubris.


Making metal disturbing again…

Emerging from Pennsylvania in 2018, nu-core gang Tallah combine the percussive force of second-generation drummer Max Portnoy with the pure fury of vocalist and YouTube sensation Justin Bonitz and the white-lightning speed of guitarist Derrick Schneider.

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Sun, November 13, 2022 / 7:00 PM
Doors at 6:30 PM
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